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Do you want to learn more about ESG and how to measure impact in a complex way?
Do you want to lead your company through changes and the B Corp certification process?

The B Leaders programme has been designed with the intention of supporting sustainability leaders in the B Corp certification journey, promoting B Economy and allow new organisations to join our community using business as a force for good. Everyone is welcome, no matter if you represent a start-up, an SME, a corporation or if you are a freelance consultant. 

Registration for the Autumn edition is now open!

The B Leaders training is a local version of the courses organised among others in Denmark, the UK, Benelux and France. It is dedicated to all the sustainability leaders aiming to transform their organisations (B Corps and non-certified companies), as well as consultants in the field. The participants actively participate in the learning process using their own case studies. The course takes at least 36 hours in a hybrid mode (online + in person in Warsaw; depending on the pandemic situation). Apart from attending various forms of group workshops, the participants will be supported in an individual way while working on their cases.

Before the start of the class, each enrolled person will be asked to complete a short questionnaire so that we can customize the presented content to individual needs.

Expand your knowledge of sustainability in business, learn about the B Corp tools, and explore benchmarks of innovative business models.

Learn how to carry out an organisation’s transformation towards sustainability in practice, and complete a selected case study in the BIA (B Impact Assessment) under the guidance of experienced specialists.

Get to know the new methods of longterm positive impact creation, learn how to measure what really matters (ESG).

Ground yourself in your approach to building sustainability using business tools.

Implement the B Corp methods in your daily work. Receive a diploma for completing the B Leaders course, join and co-operate among B Leaders, an international network of people associated with the B Corp Movement.

The B Leaders Team

The course is hosted by Paweł Niziński (PL and CEE Partner, B Lab and CEO, Better), Steffen Kallehauge (Head of Impact, B Corp Movement in the Nordics) and Maria Koczorowska (B Projects Leader, Better & Community Manager Poland, B Lab). The group will be joined by representatives of Polish and international B Corps at various stages of the training (depending on the group members areas of interest)

Paweł Niziński - Better

Paweł Niziński

PL and CEE Partner, B Lab
CEO, Better

Maria Koczorowska - Better

Maria Koczorowska

B Projects Lead, Better
Community Manager PL, B Lab

Steffen Kallehague

Head of Impact, B Corp Movement in the Nordics


The first module is an introduction to the B Leaders course. Networking and mutual support are one of the pillars of the B Corp Movement, so getting to know new people and sharing knowledge will be the key element of the entire course. And afterwards.

  • let’s get to know each other
  • PSP – Personal Sustainability Plan and Purpose
  • B Corp history
  • development of B Corp in Europe and Poland
  • vision and theory of change of the B Corp movement

The second part of the class, a two-day training series, is about the B Impact Assessment, a tool for studying and assessing an organisation’s impact in 5 areas – environment, communities, employees, business management and customers.

Day I

  • what the BIA impact assessment is all abou
  • IBM – Impact Business Models
  • Operational Impact

Day II

  • the Polish context of the BIA – how to tackle the questions that are not straightforward for businesses operating in Poland?
  • meeting the B Corp Community members from Poland and beyond, business case studies and Q&A

In the third module, we will focus on practical tasks – working with case studies selected by the trainees.

  • working with case studies – individual work with a case study of a company, completing the B Impact Assessment under the supervision of the organisers + group work
  • BIA in practice – skilful look at the organization through the prism of BIA, low-hanging fruits
  • Q&A

The fourth part of the training deals with the other tools and initiatives of the B Corp movement such as SDG Action Manager, Climate Action, Beauty Coalition and Interdependence Coalition.

  • B Corp Movement tools: SDG Action Manager
  • initiatives and programs: Beauty Coalition, Climate Action, Interdependence
  • the B Corp Community

The final module of the training is dedicated to a summary of the course and a series of practical tips on how to use the B Corp Movement’s theory of change in business work. At the end of the course, participants will receive diplomas confirming their participation and achieved skills. The end of the day will also include an informal gathering with the B Corp Community.

  • BIA as a platform for building positive impact, change governance and teamwork 
  • the vision and theory of change of the B Corp II Movement – diving in
  • practical guide – becoming and being a B Corp
  • meeting with representatives of the B Corp Community in Poland, networking
  • graduation ceremony

Terms and conditions of participation

The upcoming edition of the training will be held in Autumn 2023. The number of places is limited. The program consists of 5 modules, taking a minimum of 36 hours in total. The duration of the course is five weeks, but the organisers may modify the schedule. In order to obtain the B Leaders diploma, you must attend all parts of the training. 2h of absences are allowed throughout the course.

The training will be held in a hybrid mode – remotely and in Warsaw.

The course is in both Polish and English.

Price/ per person: 1.700 + VAT 23%

Team discount of 20% for 3+ participants from the same organisation and for certified B Corps. Individual B Leaders courses for your organisation are available – please contact us if you’re interested.

  • Module 1 & 2.1: 23 May 9:30-17:30 [offline]
  • Module 2.2: 26 May 9:30-17:30 [offline]
  • Module 3.1: 31 May 12:00-15:00 [online/offline; incl. 1h of Q&A]
  • Module 3.2: 6 June 15:00-18:00 [online/offline; incl. 1h of Q&A]
  • Module 3.3: 12 June 14:00-17:00 [online/offline; incl. 1h of Q&A]
  • Module 4: 14 June 10:00-14:00 [online]
  • Module 5: 19 June 9:30-17:30 [offline]

*The schedule might be subject to change

Contact us if you have any questions about the B Leaders course